Friday, December 7, 2012

Social Media :: A Bride's New Best Friend

Social media has revolutionized that way that we live in this century in almost every aspect of communication and in business.  Here at Calluna Events, we embrace and love how the wedding industry is utilizing all of the various tools in the process of planning a wedding. Brides and planners are now utilizing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a new one, Loverly, in ways that one would have never imagined. Through utilizing these social media outlets, brides and planners have a more versatile way of communicating with each other that allow for endless hours spent sharing pictures over Pinterest or technologically being a part of every step through Twitter.  Not only have these social media outlets allowed for a new type of communication between brides and their planners but brides are now capable of sharing the planning journey with those who are able to access these social media sites! 

 Delegating tasks to those who are closest to you is a very special aspect of planning and experiencing a wedding.  Well here is a new one for all of you Twitter loving brides out there, “tweeter of honor”; how cute is that!? For the bride who is an avid tweeter, the title is reserved for a friend who is in charge of giving the world a play by play of every aspect of the planning journey up to that one special day.  Hashtags are another great way for others to stay caught up and experience the wedding as it is happening.  The wedding party and wedding guests can use a hashtag of the bride and groom’s names in order to organize a compilation of all those social media thoughts that take place in the bringing of two people together. Read this NY Times article about brides and grooms who try to have their wedding hashtag trend on Twitter!

The Knot

We all know that Facebook has virtually changed the way that we communicate with each other and with no surprise it has also changed the way that weddings are talked about and shared.  With the ability to post pictures minutes after the bride and groom share their first kiss as man and wife, friends not invited to the special day are able to be a part of the experience.  We even heard of a story of a bride and groom who pulled out their smart phones at the end of the isle after their ceremony to update their relationship status to “married” in front of guests, how funny! Facebook has also created an informal way for couples to announce important information about their engagement or date of the wedding with status updates. 


Now onto the good stuff!  We are falling more and more in love with Pinterest and a website similar, Loverly, which caters specifically to brides.  Pinterest has created a way for brides and young girls who have their weddings planned, minus the groom, to categorize and share their plans and dreams.  Through categorizing boards, planners can have access to the exact look that the bride is in search of for her special day.  Pinterest has recently installed a setting for secret boards on the page for those brides who want to keep the details of the upcoming nuptials a secret or for those of us who are hopeless romantics and begin looking at wedding details long before there is even a man in the picture.  Loverly is a website that is organized in the same manor as Pinterest; however, it is catered specifically to brides and gives users the direction of where to purchase various items that are posted.

With such an influential impact on the wedding industry, how do couples comprehend and remember the results of these social media websites? Well of course someone has come up with a brilliant idea of a Data Book!  The book could be created by a tech savvy friend or your photographer who would gathers all of the posts, tweets, pictures, and comments from the wedding and is put into a wedding book. Think of this as a guest book created by all the technology users out there that allows the future couple to look back on.

Lastly, check out this Huff Post article on a brides social media habits. Very interesting! 
Although, many people disapprove of society’s constant connection with technology, the wedding industry is embracing these new advances and we here at Calluna love how social media is changing how we plan and talk about weddings and events!


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