Monday, November 12, 2012

Alternative Wedding Photography Applications

            The photos taken at your wedding are one of the only physical things that can bring back that tingly and magical feeling from your wedding day, other than looking into the eyes of your significant other of course! Profession photographers capture all of those emotions so beautifully; however, sometimes it is your guests who snap those funny memories of Aunt Gilda giving her toast or an intimate candid photo of the bride and groom.  Among all of the technology and apps monopolizing people’s attention daily there are apps that are made to ensure that you can get ever picture taken from your wedding!  Apps available to download and businesses such as Wedding Snap, Wedit, and Capsule help the bride and groom gain access to the hundreds of pictures that your guests snap throughout the beautiful event.

            Applications to download on your phone such a Wedding Snap and Capsule allow for the bride and groom to have instant access to any photograph taken by guests on their smartphone when the guest downloads the application.  Lets be honest, there is so much going on at weddings and although the photographer that you hire will do an outstanding job of capturing those special moments, your guests often provide different angles and access to those precious “behind the scene” moments.  After you sign up and pay for this relatively inexpensive service, all your guests have to do is download the app and insert your wedding’s code and all of the photos they take at the wedding in the app will automatically download to the website assigned to you. If you’re an Instagramer, then you will appreciate Capusule’s feature where your wedding photos can be posted through Instagram using your wedding’s hashtag. Is grandma still not on board with the whole smartphone trend, fear not! These two apps also have an option for guests to download photos directly from their digital camera onto your website so that you can see how your wedding was through everyone’s eyes! These apps can also be awesome for capturing those embarrassing bachelorette moments and heart felt moments from the bridal shower as well when a photographer may not be present!

Wedit is another unique service that can either be in addition to your videographer or can replace them all together depending on how you want to remember your wedding.  Wedit’s service will send you five HD pocket video cameras that you can hand out to various guests.  Throughout the various festivities your guests can film anything from those romantic and heart felt moments to the crazy shenanigans that will be sure to bring laughter to anyone who watches them. After the wedding, all you have to do is send it back and they will send the footage back for you and even edit it for an additional charge. 

When looking back on one of the best days of your life, the photos that were captured will forever portray those special emotions and memories.  We love how these apps and services are another way to relive that special day through the eyes of your guests!

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