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Wedding trends we'd like to see...well less trendy!

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We recently asked Calluna Events staff to share some trends they'd like to see be a little less trendy. 


Personally I'm ready to see succulents and cacti go away. Even though they offer an amazing shade of green I feel they are very cold and nature they represent harsh climates and difficult living so they just don't fit into my idea of a wedding.

I'd like to see washed out farm photography fade away. I think brides are going to regret not having crisp and rich photos that share the true colors of the celebration. It's a beautiful style and I think it's neat for engagement sessions but for weddings I love the idea of pure images that capture the colors, weather, and true feel of the day.

I'm ready for some new clever fun. As much as I love the Hipster fashion, I think the trendy "Hipster fun" elements (mustaches on sticks, thought bubbles in photos, straws in coke bottles) are starting to feel a little less thoughtful and a little too gimmicky. Since being Hipster is all about personal expression I'd like to see more personalized elements mixed with more interactive fun... dart games, pub games, bowling, scooter convoys from the ceremony to the reception. Instead of movie candy for favors how about decals or bumper stickers or even iphone cases with bride and groom's favorite expressions?  

Lastly, I'm not a fan of the "Theme Wedding" trend.  I worry that in hindsight brides are going to feel like they've put on a play instead of a wedding. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE when a couple who shares a passion or profession incorporates it into EVERY element of their wedding...  Scientists getting married in a Museum of Natural History or artists marrying in a gallery, a couple that shares an alma mater marrying on the quad of their old campus...these are my favorite celebrations because they invite family and friends to enjoy one of the couple's shared passions and make memorable experiences for everyone. But as far as "trendy wedding themes"  I always feel the bride's disconnection to the show she's putting on and can't help but worry that she'll look back on her photos and wish that she had memories that show who she truly was on the day she married.

Kayla ::

I know that some brides may disagree with me, but I am not a fan of the super urban, edgy photos.  Instead, I am more a fan of photographs which have a formal, classic, romantic approach.  I realize that each couple is unique, and I celebrate that!  I just want to remind couples to ask themselves “Will this be timeless in 15 years?  50 years?” And, will this picture of us in front of a graffiti wall look good on Grandma’s mantle next to her kitten knick-knacks and lace doilies?

When it comes down to it, remember that you want the surroundings in your photos to complement you, the couple, and not overpower you.  A good photographer should know your personality and help you find the perfect balance between your style and timeless photos.  Calluna Events has a great list of photographers we highly recommend, so please check them out!

Heather ::  

I tend to agree with Spice on this one. There is so much pressure from family and friends to put on a wedding that is fun, entertaining and tops the wedding everyone went to last month. I'd love to see brides focus on the elements on their wedding that they want to remember for years and years and not what will make their wedding better than their best friends wedding. I too love it when weddings have a theme but only if it's intentional. Creating a theme around your wedding just because it's fashionable might not represent you as a couple and years from now you might look back and wish you held tight to the things that make you click as a couple. 

Alisha ::

I am ready for the neon trend to go away. I love a neon t-shirt, tank top or bikini in the summer. I will even sport neon nail polish if the occasion is right. But I just can't put neon and a wedding together in my mind. I have seen it pulled off in an outdoor casual setting but I think neon is more fitting for a birthday celebration or 80's party. I know it has been super trendy in the fashion world as well but I don't think a wedding is the best place for neon.

There are so many other amazing colors out there to compliment the formality of your wedding, the location, and really give your wedding the feel you want. You don't want to look back 20 years from now and wonder what the heck you were thinking when you decided to go with neon colors for your wedding color scheme. At Calluna Events we work with couples who like many different colors but don't know how to coordinate them all. Our planners do an excellent job of creating a color pallet that works best for you and the overall feel of your wedding.

Natalie ::

A big one for me, like Spice and Heather mentioned, is a theme wedding.  I love when couples are passionate about something together; however, I feel that more often than not when couples chose to have a theme wedding, the significance and meaning of a wedding gets lost in all of the hoopla within the theme.  I worry that the theme of the wedding will outshine the bride and groom and the importance of why everyone came together.

Another trend that I would love to see disappear is the color pair of grey and yellow.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the two colors paired together and have seen them used in amazing ways at many weddings; but this is the problem, I am tired of seeing this color pair at wedding after wedding.  Another trend that I am reluctant to see stay is the rainbow wedding.  I understand that with certain weddings, this color trend fits the personality of the bride and groom well, but there is a little too much going on there for me.  I love the beauty created with simple, clean, and crisp colors and decor, which gets lost when there is an entire six colors of the rainbow competing for attention at a wedding.

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Calluna Events
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