Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Add Color to Your Wedding Gown!

            One of the most anticipated moments of planning a wedding is shopping for the dress. Starting from when women were little girls, they dream of what their perfect dress will look like, giving them more than ample time to prepare and imagine their wedding dress.  The traditional wedding dress is usually a hue of white; why is this you may ask? You have Queen Victoria to thank for this. In the 19th century the Queen’s choice of a white lace gown set a trend that would become the criterion of the traditional wedding gown for centuries to come.  Although, some may think that the white wedding dress is a universal standard, it is applicable only to Western cultures.  In many Eastern cultures, brides are dressed in red as it symbolizes auspiciousness. Traditionally many brides in the 19th century inherited their mother’s wedding gown and made alterations to the gown for their special day. It wasn’t until 1890 that Ladies Home Journal spun the rumor mill that women had the freedom to pick their own gown, consequently being white given Queen Victoria’s long run fashion sense.  For centuries there are have been millions of beautiful brides who display some of the most unique, creative, and down right gorgeous works of fashion for one day. However, recently there have been brides defying the Queen’s trend by adding splashes of color into the typical white wedding gown. 

        This liberating and artistic trend allows for brides to express their creativity and shock guests with this unexpected and awe-inspiring detail.  Some of you may be wondering how does one introduce color into such a historically white gown? Well, we are here to commend some of the best ways for a bride to let the colors of the rainbow shine at her wedding. 

For the bride who loves the traditional white gown but wants to add that little something special, there are subtle ways for her to do just this.  One of our favorite ways to introduce color into a traditional wedding gown is through the tulle.  Many brides have tulle underneath their gown; this is the prefect place to spice up the dress by adding whatever color suits your fancy! This will keep your guests playing peek-a-boo with this unique detail throughout the evening as your walk down the isle or twirl around on the dance floor. 

For those dare devil brides who want to really make a statement, don’t worry; there are plenty of ways for you to accomplish this.   A flowing veil or train gliding down the isle in a different color is another unique way to add a splash of color to your wedding dress.  Accentuating your gown with color through a hairpiece or a simple ribbon on your dress is also a way to reinvent the traditional wedding gown.  We love the idea of subtle display of color through different colored buttons on your gown or a simple lace embellishment in a unique color for your gown. 

A style that is huge trend right now is ombre, we’re seeing is in hair and even with nail color! Where did this stylish trend originate? On the runway of course.  Our all time favorite way to introduce color into the traditional wedding gown in through this unique fashion trend.  Ombre wedding dresses have become quite popular and this trend is among one of the most chosen ways for brides to bring a little color into their wedding day look.  

These trends are allowing brides to add as little or as much color as they wish into the dress they’ve been conjuring up in their imagination for years and years. We’re not sure how Queen Victoria would feel about this recent form or rebellion against her fashion trend but we absolutely love it!

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