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Finding The Perfect Song List For Your Wedding

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Wedding receptions are a time where the champagne starts flowing as guests gather to celebrate the lucky couple’s love for each other.  A large component in the success of the celebration often hinges on the songs that are played when the time comes for people to put on their dancing shoes.  Thanks to A Music Plus in Denver for access to their song list in the past, we have seen some amazing and sometimes memorable dance moves.  As the special day nears closer, have a meeting with your DJ or band to go over the song list to make ensure that your guests will be boogieing all night.  We also love the idea of having a song request line on your RSVP cards for your guest to fill out when they respond! This little touch will be a guarantee to get people on the dance floor at least when their requested song comes on. 
            We’re here to help guide your musical endeavors in the right direction to assure a successful reception that will be one for the books! Even with the progression of modern music, we are still seeing the classics sprinkled throughout the night.  The top songs of all time such as “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and “YMCA” by the village people are always a great introduction to get people up and dancing.  There is always something about rock n’ rock that gets people fired up.  Classics such as “You Shook Me All Night” by AC/DC can set the tone for the rest of the night.  Where we tend to see the most classics is in the slower tunes.  What would a wedding be without a little Sinatra? “The Way You Look Tonight” and “As Time Goes By” are endless love songs that are perfect for almost any wedding celebration. 

            The 2012 wedding season has displayed some great dance music that produces smiles and ensures sore feet the next day.  Artists such as Lady Gaga and Flo Rida along with DJs such as David Guetta and Calvin Harris seem to be the go to people for great dance hits this year.  The top 40 songs are a great place to look to find modern songs that everyone will want to dance to.  Slower songs like “Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum and “I Do” by Colby Caillat will have your guests pulling their dates close on the dance floor. 

            One of the most sentimental events of the night is the father daughter dance.  This song can capture the relationship between the bride and the first man she ever loved.  Here are the top five father daughter dance songs of all time.
            1)”Wonderful World”-Louis Armstrong
            2)”Cinderella”-Steven Curtis Chapman
            3)”I Loved Her First”-Heartland
            4)”My Girl”-The Temptations
            5)”Unforgettable”-Nat King Cole

            Another special dance is the mother son dance.  For the mama’s boy this dance can be especially significant.  We’ve compiled a list of songs to help guide your song selection. 
            1)”Wonderful Tonight”-Eric Clapton
            2)”All You Need Is Love”-The Beatles
  3)”How Sweet It Is”-James Taylor
  4)”My Wish”-Rascal Flatts
  5)”Isn’t She Lovely”-Stevie Wonders
  6)”Wing Beneath My Wings”-Bette Midler

            There are many couples who have a significant song in mind for their first dance.  Here is a list of some of the favorites that have been categorized as the top first dance songs of all time for those of you who are torn between various songs!
            1)”At Last”-Etta James
            2)”Can’t Help Falling In Love”-Elvis
            3)”Marry Me”-Train
            4)”You and Me”-Dave Matthews Band
            5)”All My Life”-K Ci and JoJo
            6)”Lucky”-Jason Mraz
            7)”Then”-Brad Paisley
            8)”The Way You Look Tonight”-Frank Sinatra

Weddings are a time of celebration, toasts, and dancing; so we hope that with a little help from Calluna Events your wedding night will leave guests spinning, twirling, and singing along to their favorite songs into the wee hours as an ode to the love of you and your partner! 

Much love,
Colorado Wedding Planner

Special thanks to A Music Plus DJ's for helping us with some of their must play's as well as various online sources such as WedDJ

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