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Colorado Inspired DIY Wedding Projects

Do it yourself projects are a fun way to be interactive in the preparation for your wedding day.  There are a variety of options that allow you to get crafty for your wedding varying in difficulty for the artistic brides to the brides who prefer the title of an elementary artist! If you’re up for a challenge, dying your shoes can be a great way to get the exact color you want paired with your wedding dress.  Make sure that you test the color before hand and you might want to perform a test run, no one wants to be walking down the isle in an array of tie-dye shoes! DIY projects are a great way to bring together your bridal party or family members to partake in these fun activities.  If you’re looking to instill a touch more of personality into your wedding, try using DIY guest gifts.  If you and your future hubby are avid campers, think of constructing cute Smores kits for your guests to take and enjoy! Baking the couple’s favorite dessert, such as cookies or secret recipe brownies, is another cute way to express your creativity and secret Martha Stewart identity! 

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Custom made signs, programs, and dinner menus are all places where a DIY project is suitable! If you are trying to instill an earthy and natural essence at your wedding, we love the look of using pinecones as place card holders for the tables.  Creating these items from home helps to make sure that your exact personal style is expressed throughout your wedding day! Do you have a secret green thumb? Boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen are the perfect place to execute your passion for flowers. Décor for your guest book is also a great place to show your artistic or crafty side.  Creating your own guest book or possibly a photomural of your favorite memories above the guest book gives your guests something to gawk at while showing the couple’s true personality with a splash of history.
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As much fun as all this painting, dying, gluing, cutting, hanging, and pasting sounds there are a few things that should be said about DIY items for your wedding.  Start with a budget! Contrary to common belief, DIY projects aren’t always the cheaper option, look into all your options to make sure that your DIY craft fits well within your budget.  Second, give yourself PLENTY of time to complete your project, you don’t want to be scurrying and stressing to finish your DIY project when you should be pampering and relaxing for your special day! Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! These DIY projects are supposed to be a fun way for your friends and family to gather and start celebrating your love early! Now it’s time to go get your craft on!

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