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Royal Wedding Trends :: The Groom's Cake

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The Royal Wedding looks to be a combination of contemporary ideas and Royal tradition. The fusion of old and new is perfectly hit with the couple’s choice of cakes. The couple is finding beautiful ways to incorporate their personalities in the details.

Traditionally, the groom’s cake has been a gift from the bride to the groom. This addition is a smaller, usually more flavorful change of pace from the typical tiered cake and a way to incorporate the groom’s personality into the reception. The groom’s cake is not often seen across the Atlantic and will be a special contemporary treat for guests at the Royal Wedding. Stemming from the American South, groom’s cakes are on the rise and what better way to match tradition with contemporary trends than the addition of a personally requested groom’s cake for Prince William.

The main cake will be a multi-tiered creation by cake designer Fiona Cairns featuring traditional fruit cake with cream and white icing and ornate British floral decorations. As requested personally by Prince William, the groom’s cake will be one of his personal favorites, chocolate biscuit.

The biscuit piece is a reference to biscuit in the British sense of the word meaning “cookie”. Also one of his grandmother the Queen’s favorite cakes, chocolate biscuit cake was often specially requested during their tea time visits together. One of the biggest trends we are seeing this season is a return to elegant simplicity in cake design with a personal touch, incorporating favorite recipes or comfort foods of the couple into the wedding and groom’s cake.

The Prince’s special request also emerges in light of another upcoming trend: unbaked cakes. The recipe, divulged from Chef Darren McGrady who worked in the Royal Kitchen for 24 years, is prepared and then refrigerated before serving, with almond-size pieces of biscuit mixed into a dark chocolate concoction.

Give your groom a little room for his personality and taste in the reception, give him the gift of a groom’s cake that he can make his own! Whether the cake is a happy reminder of a comforting family memory or just the flavor of his favorite morning coffee, the smallest details will make your day absolutely unique to you. Be on the lookout for more new and exciting trends, the Royal Wedding is just 5 days away!

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