Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sarah & Stu :: Engagement Session with Jenna Walker Photographers

Sarah & Stu are our ultimate couple...sweet, fun, warm personalities and grateful for those around them. Their love for each other and laid back style really shines through in these gorgeous engagement photos from Katie of Jenna Walker Photographers. As always Katie has outdone herself, but Sarah & Stu aren't bad to look at either! 

We are looking so forward to Sarah & Stu's September wedding in Estes Park. The weekend will start off with their rehearsal dinner at Mary's Lake Lodge followed by a ceremony at Camp Cheley (where both attended camp and ultimately met) with a reception at Della Terra Mountain Chateau. Can't wait Sarah & Stu!! xo

To contact Sarah & Stu's photographer ::
Katie Thurmes
Jenna Walker Photographers | owner


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding Trends :: Charitable Gifts

It is safe to say that Prince William and soon-to-be Princess Kate Middleton are financially secure, which is why the happy couple has set up a charitable gift fund! For those of you unfamiliar with this type of gift, it is simple a way to celebrate the Bride and Groom, by donating to a charity either in addition to a wedding gift, or instead of.

According to the Royal Wedding 2011 website, the happy couple have chosen to have these five following causes to receive much of the donation money; Conservation for future generations, children fulfilling their potential, help and care at home, changing lives through arts and sport, and support for Services personnel and their families. Within each category is an organization in which addresses the issues within the cause, with hopes to aid and support those affected or involved.

Charitable Gift Funds are an incredible way for attendees of your wedding to show support through charitable donations to the organization or cause of your choice. For those of us who don’t necessarily need any more “stuff” in our lives, think about setting up a Gift Fund for your wedding! Many charities are in need of income, and what is great about this type of gift, is you have the complete power to choose what type of charity will receive the donation. Anywhere from sustainable power to the prevention of animal cruelty can be chosen on your behalf, and if you can’t decide, choose more then one! Not only will you and your guests be celebrating in your honor, but those positively affected by donations on your behalf, will be in celebration too! 

Click here, to contribute to The Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund. 

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Wedding Trends :: The Groom's Cake

© Bettmann/Corbis

The Royal Wedding looks to be a combination of contemporary ideas and Royal tradition. The fusion of old and new is perfectly hit with the couple’s choice of cakes. The couple is finding beautiful ways to incorporate their personalities in the details.

Traditionally, the groom’s cake has been a gift from the bride to the groom. This addition is a smaller, usually more flavorful change of pace from the typical tiered cake and a way to incorporate the groom’s personality into the reception. The groom’s cake is not often seen across the Atlantic and will be a special contemporary treat for guests at the Royal Wedding. Stemming from the American South, groom’s cakes are on the rise and what better way to match tradition with contemporary trends than the addition of a personally requested groom’s cake for Prince William.

The main cake will be a multi-tiered creation by cake designer Fiona Cairns featuring traditional fruit cake with cream and white icing and ornate British floral decorations. As requested personally by Prince William, the groom’s cake will be one of his personal favorites, chocolate biscuit.

The biscuit piece is a reference to biscuit in the British sense of the word meaning “cookie”. Also one of his grandmother the Queen’s favorite cakes, chocolate biscuit cake was often specially requested during their tea time visits together. One of the biggest trends we are seeing this season is a return to elegant simplicity in cake design with a personal touch, incorporating favorite recipes or comfort foods of the couple into the wedding and groom’s cake.

The Prince’s special request also emerges in light of another upcoming trend: unbaked cakes. The recipe, divulged from Chef Darren McGrady who worked in the Royal Kitchen for 24 years, is prepared and then refrigerated before serving, with almond-size pieces of biscuit mixed into a dark chocolate concoction.

Give your groom a little room for his personality and taste in the reception, give him the gift of a groom’s cake that he can make his own! Whether the cake is a happy reminder of a comforting family memory or just the flavor of his favorite morning coffee, the smallest details will make your day absolutely unique to you. Be on the lookout for more new and exciting trends, the Royal Wedding is just 5 days away!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Royal Wedding Trends :: The Ring

The Royal Wedding Trends
The Ring

Although Princess Diana was the original recipient of the gorgeous oval sapphire and diamond engagement ring now on Kate Middleton’s polished finger, it is the soon-to-be princess that began an uprising and super-trend that have made people consider adding a bit of color to their ring!

The traditional diamond of course, is what people have associated with brides for centuries, but the unbelievable deep blue sapphire Kate is wearing dazzles the public with its eye-catching features. Colored engagement rings are certainly non-traditional and unique, but definitely can be just as beautiful as white diamonds. Colors range anywhere from rose, to canary, to aquamarine, and even black.

But, you say “But I wanted a diamond!” Keep in mind that getting a colored stone in your ring can still mean diamonds, just different colored ones. In reality many of the colored engagement rings you see celebrities wearing are in fact colored diamonds. Diamonds, although known for their crystal looking clarity, can in fact come in different colors most of which are more vibrant and noticeable then a commonly used transparent diamond. Celebrities with colored diamonds include Carrie Underwood, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Carmen Electra!

Gemstones, like Kate’s sapphire, have the same noticeable attention-grabbing effect by using color. Ruby, amethyst, citrine, and emerald are among some of the most popular gems used in rings. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Penelope Cruz both sport colored gemstones and do so remarkably.

This Royal Wedding is no doubt going to be absolutely fabulous! Keep in mind, the unique and fun trends its sets and revives can always be on your finger. Go ahead, spice things up and add a little color to your engagement!

More on the Royal Wedding soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nicky D Designs :: Adorable, fun and stylish oilcloth clutches

We LOVE these designs from Nicky D Designs. Adorable, fun & stylish oilcloth clutches are a great idea for bridesmaid gifts!

NICKY D DESIGNS started when Diane Clarkson received an oilcloth bag as a present from her daughter, Nicole, who sometimes goes by the nickname of Nicky D. She loved the durability of the material and variety of patterns. The two sizes of clutches, a coin purse and iPad covers are fun personal items or great for brides-maids gifts or wedding presents. 

At the moment these items are only available for sale by viewing and ordering off their Facebook Page - Nicky D Designs or by e-mailing

Look for an Etsy account in the future. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary Joanne & Jake :: Wintery spring wedding in Boulder Colorado

April marks the one-year anniversary of some of our favorite weddings -- one such being the spring wedding of Joanne and Jake! Married in April, Joanne and Jake have just celebrated their 2nd anniversary. We at Calluna Events hope your second year of marriage was as magical as your wedding day was for us.

*see above. Some find adventure anywhere, any time. Case in point: This is how Jake spent his time waiting to see Joanne for the first time.

Below is the original post from their wedding, as written by Katie from Jenna Walker Photography. Enjoy the reminiscing!

'There are no friends on a powder day.' Or so the saying goes among skiers. It's inevitable. The snow begins to envelope the hills in its sweet tastiness and otherwise great plans give way to the quest for face shots and long days of knee-deep powder.

Only such a power couple - so full of life - could draw up plans for a wedding that would trump this powder-day rule...and bring in a guest list chalk full of outdoor aficionados, Skiing Magazine adventurers, and do I say it - Canadians. On Sunday, the Canadians brought the weather with them. And the fun too.

Joanne & Jake are the type of people you can't help but admire. They are the creative types. Adventurers. Authentic, no holds barred. All with the sort of humility that many aspire to but few attain. Joanne is a well-traveled, sharp-shooting architect. Jake - the Editor-in-Chief of Skiing Magazine: see also witty journalist disguised as a ski bum. Put the two together, give them a map - and you've got a story worth listening to. Sit down. Grab a beer. They will make you laugh. 

Given this combination, it was with deep respect that the task of shooting their wedding would become. They know photography. They know clean lines and soft light and composition. But more than that, they understand what is real, what is true, what is them. Thank you, Jake & Joanne, for the honor and trust of having Katie from Jenna Walker Photographers document and the rest of us witness your special day - and more than that, for a glimpse into your lives and the people you choose to share it with.

A family full of writers makes for a series of toasts worthy of publishing. Everyone had a go at the mic - even the littlest lady of the family put in her two cents. As a finale to a series of 4 or 5 speeches, Jake toasted Joanne in a laugh-till-you-cry speech. It was probably one of the best speeches I've ever heard in all the weddings I've planned!

Loved their cupcakes by Tee and Cakes - the unique cupcake flags courtesy of the exquisite Alli at Bird Dog Press. Music at the reception was provided by Soul X and lighting by Starkey Productions.

Congrats Joanne and Jake! You truly set the bar high for what it means to live with joy, intensity and spontaneity.  A big thank you to Colby Brown for joining to shoot with Katie from Jenna Walker Photographers. A huge and special thanks to Katie at Jenna Walker Photographers for letting me use her text for this blog (with minor additions)! Thanks Katie! You're the best! How did you get to be so talented, great writer and great photographer all in one. Such an artist!

katie from jenna walker photography on the job! photography by Calluna Events

As lucky as we are at Calluna Events to help plan weddings with our clients, we are even more fortunate to work with such amazing and talented vendors.

The work of a wedding planner on the day of a wedding is multi-faceted. It entails making sure the bride and groom, their wedding party and families are happy, stress-free and in the right place at the right time. We execute the schedule we have developed over the past few months with each and every vendor in attendance. The help and coordination from the vendors is critical in ensuring the success and flow of the schedule and makes our job that much easier. For Joanne and Jake's 2009 wedding we were lucky to have a team of some of the best wedding vendors in Colorado.
Happy anniversary Joanne and Jake!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calluna Events staff kicks off the 2011 wedding season!

Every spring the staff at Calluna Events meets for brunch at The Kitchen in Boulder to gear up for the coming wedding season and get inspired. The Calluna Events interns always join us for this yummy soiree and we swap stories about past years, while sharing what's in store for them as wedding season begins for 2011. 

Front row: Kassidi (intern), Gabbie (Calluna Events Associate Coordinator), Maia (intern), Hope (intern) Back row: Spice (Calluna Events Associate Coordinator), Heather (Calluna Events Owner)

Meet the staff ::

Heather Dwight :: Owner

Calluna Events was conceived in 2004 by Heather Dwight. Prior to Calluna Events, Mrs. Dwight honed her skills while working as an event planner for a non-profit organization. In the last 14 years, Mrs. Dwight has planned intimate to grand weddings (and everything in-between), 40th birthday & 25th anniversary parties, board meetings, national annual dinners in destination cities, small soirees and larger galas, expos, new business launch events and much more, all with a keen sense of style and creative flair making every event unique. Mrs. Dwight is an Accredited Bridal Consultant™ with the Association of Bridal Consultants.

Spice Jones :: Associate Coordinator

Mrs. Jones, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, joined the Calluna Events staff 2006 in search of an opportunity to combine her background in film producing with her love for planning beautiful social occasions. Spending the last 14 years working beside the country's top art directors and wardrobe designers has given Mrs. Jones the same "anything can be done" approach that Calluna Events uses to plan every event. Along with her experience, Mrs. Jones has the trademark professionalism and fun personality that Calluna Events seeks in all of their event coordinators.

Gabriele Sarbaugh :: Associate Coordinator

Ms. Sarbaugh, a native of Boulder, Colorado joined Calluna Events in 2007 as an intern, using the opportunity to nurture her excitement and interest in wedding and event planning while completing college requirements. In that year, Ms. Sarbaugh attended nearly 30 events and was able to see many aspects and complexities of the events we work with. During her growth with Calluna Events from intern to Associate Planner, Ms. Sarbaugh has learned to use her innate sense of organization and attention to detail to realize the potential of every wedding and event.

Kassidi, Maia & Hope :: Calluna Events Interns

Since 2007 Calluna Events has had a strong internship program. Through project based initiatives, hands on wedding experience and on-site event management, our interns learn the ins and outs of the wedding industry through the eyes of a small business owner. Our interns have gone on to work for Harvard University Alumni Association as well as have become Event Planners within Calluna Events.

Together with their event experience, the team at Calluna Events brings exceptional attention to detail,  unparalleled organizational skills, a comprehensive network of vendors and event professionals, creative ideas and a fresh perspective to any wedding or event.

About Calluna Events ::

Innovative and creative planning :: wedding day coordination :: comprehensive vendor network :: fresh perspective

Calluna Events combines unique, creative and fresh ideas with unparalleled organizational skills and an exceptional attention to detail to create your perfect wedding or special event. Based in Boulder Colorado, we offer hourly consulting full service planning and Day of Coordination along the Front Range and Mountains of Colorado and beyond. Let us help infuse your style and personality into the event you’ve always imagined! 

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Linds + Judd :: Pine Creek Cookhouse Aspen wedding :: inspiration board

Cary from Cary Jobe Photography put together this incredible inspiration board from Lindsay & Judd's Aspen wedding at the Pine Creek Cookhouse.

Stay tuned for more photos from the wedding. In the meantime, enjoy this!

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