Saturday, April 24, 2010

Money Saver Wedding Idea: Let Stella & Dot Do The Searching For You!

Rather than spending hours, days or maybe even weeks scouring the Earth for wedding accessories that are equally fabulous as they are affordable, spend a moment visiting Stella & Dot, and let someone else do the searching. The site is put together by independent stylist, Heather Willison, and half her chosen collection is under $50! If so desired, she'll meet with you personally, organize a trunk show in your home, or help you throw a "bridal party" trunk show yourself, so that you can earn all the jewelry on your wish list for free!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heathers Tip -- Don't Forget Your Something...

Don't forget to pick out your something old, new, borrowed and blue. Start thinking about this a few months before the big day so you're not scrambling on the day of to find things that will work. As your Mom, grandmother and best friends to help you. Your something old could be jewelry or handkerchief passed down from your grandmother or Mom. Or put an old sixpence in your shoe for good luck. For new, consider your dress, veil shoes or a pair of custom earrings made especially for your wedding. You could borrow a ring or bracelet from a friend. And blue could be in your jewelry, shoes, undergarments, or flowers. We've eve known brides to sew their something's into the crinoline of their dress so it's hidden. Whatever you decide, make sure it's special and you've given it some thought. For my wedding I even typed the meaning of all my something's into the program so everyone would understand their significance.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heather's Tips and Trends for 2010 Weddings

Stay on top of what's "hot" for weddings, and avoid common wedding pitfalls with Heather's list of Tips and Trends for 2010!

  • We are seeing bold, bright colors this year – from blues, to bright orange to turquoise and yellow.
  • We are seeing lots of our brides wanting to do wedding websites, blogs and showcasing their weddings on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We are still seeing brides who want to focus on the details – tying together the save the dates, invitations, placecards, programs, menus and favors. We can help with all these details. Our couples really want to make their day reflect them and are trying to make the celebration unique. At Calluna Events we love to help couples imprint their style and personality on their big day. Whether it’s serving an ice cream bar at their wedding because their first date was at an ice cream shop or serving Italian food and wine because they met while in Italy, or implementing favors that reflect the couples heritage we love to help couples weave details of their relationship into the wedding.
  • Stylized wedding photography – a lot of our clients are focusing on photojournalist and artsy photography and really want the photographer to not only capture the day, the details and the emotion but to provide images that are artistic pieces and fun for the couple to display after the wedding.
  • Wedding dresses are more romantic than ever this year.
  • Bridesmaids dresses that the bridesmaids can wear again – letting bridesmaids select their own dresses and colors to picking something that won’t just hang in their closet for seasons to come. Instead of having bridesmaids that look the same – from their dress, flowers, jewelry and hair, have each bridesmaid wear a dress, hairstyle and jewelry that reflects them and their personality.
  • Sustainable weddings are still big this year – eco-friendly invitations, reducing waste with food, flowers, décor and favors. And having flowers and food donated to local homeless shelters or nursing homes.
  • Couples are doing away with favors in lieu of being more environmental.
  • Anything that encourages mingling and intimacy with your guests.
  • People are forgoing the long sit down dinners for longer cocktail receptions, action stations, beer and wine tastings and interactive ways for their guests to get to know each other. However, that said, some of our clients are doing long, sit down coursed dinners for their receptions.
  • Photo booths – have a photo booth where your guests can take photos and write notes in a guest book.
Photo from Nick Sokoloff Photography. Kathleen and Matt's wedding, Sorrel River Ranch, Moab, UT

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ceremony Decor: Get Creative With Your Flowers!

Put a classic twist on an old-school favorite! Add some edible spring time flair to your place cards by giving an elegant floral touch to "dirt." Composed of flowering edible herbs nestled in chocolaty "soil" covered puddig, the "Potted Chocolate Pudding" will celebrate the season of buds and new beginnings! Fill votive candle holders with chocolate pudding and top it with crushed chocolate cookies to give the appearance of dirt. Place fresh sprig of herbs into the "soil" (you can use lemon verbena, lavender, or basic herbs). Finish them off by placing a wooden ice cream spoon into the soil. Personalize the spoons with your guests name and voila! A treat that your guests will be sure to enjoy!

Find this tip and others at: Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waste Free Gift Giving with Spring Canyon Studios

Finally, gift wrap that doesn't get left behind! Save some paper, and the planet, and for your wedding, use ZenWrap.
Check it out:
"About ZenWrap -- The Path to Enlightened Gift Giving

There are many definitions and connotations to the word "enlightened." The SCS ZenWrap is a fusion of Eastern tradition and Western design. The intent is to make the world a better place. The simple, traditional square design, the Furoshiki, has been used by the Japanese and other cultures for thousands of years to serve as everything from a bath mat to a lunch box to a gift wrap. As consumers grow increasingly knowledgeable about how consumerism affects the environment, they are reaching out for simple, stylish solutions to meet their new "enlightened" needs. ZenWrap meets this need by being made with eco-friendly materials. They are Made in the USA with sweatshop-free labor, and they are packaged without extraneous, wasteful material. Learning how to gift wrap with fabric, and reuse the wrap over and over again is an excellent way to reduce your impact and become an enlightened gift giver."

Find more about ZenWrap and other Earth-friendly, gift-giving options at Spring Canyon Studios.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Special Offer for Calluna Events clients from Dana Romanoff

Wedding photographer Dana Romanoff is offering an exciting deal, exclusively for Calluna Events clients that we are excited to share with all you brides-to-be!
She is giving away a free engagement session and $500 in wedding credit to any couple getting married in 2010 in Colorado. That's a $1000 value!
But you gotta book by May 15th, so be sure to check out her website today.

When asked why she's offering this amazing deal, she had this to say: "Because this year I am photographing weddings in New York, Aspen, Telluride, Ohio, Connecticut and even Bogota, Columbia and would really love some more local weddings. What can I say? I'm a sucker for kisses beneath the Flatirons! I also really welcome the opportunity to work with Calluna Events!"

To see more about Dana Romanoff, click here.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary Joanne & Jake! Married April 5, 2009

April marks the one-year anniversary of some of our favorite weddings -- one such being the "spring" wedding of Joanne and Jake! Married on April 5, 2009, Joanne and Jake have just celebrated their one-year anniversary. We at Calluna Events hope your first year of marriage was as magical as your wedding day was for us.

Below is the original post from their wedding day. Enjoy the reminiscing!

'There are no friends on a powder day.' Or so the saying goes among skiers. It's inevitable. The snow begins to envelope the hills in its sweet tastiness and otherwise great plans give way to the quest for face shots and long days of knee-deep powder.

Only such a power couple - so full of life - could draw up plans for a wedding that would trump this powder-day rule...and bring in a guest list chalk full of outdoor aficionados, Skiing Magazine adventurers, and do I say it - Canadians. On Sunday, the Canadians brought the weather with them. And the fun too.

Joanne & Jake are the type of people you can't help but admire. They are the creative types. Adventurers. Authentic, no holds barred. All with the sort of humility that many aspire to but few attain. Joanne is a well-traveled, sharp-shooting architect. Jake - the Editor-in-Chief of Skiing Magazine: see also witty journalist disguised as a ski bum. Put the two together, give them a map - and you've got a story worth listening to. Sit down. Grab a beer. They will make you laugh.
Given this combination, it was with deep respect that the task of shooting their wedding would become. They know photography. They know clean lines and soft light and composition. But more than that, they understand what is real, what is true, what is them.Thank you, Jake & Joanne, for the honor and trust of having Katie from Jenna Walker Photographers document and the rest of us witness your special day - and more than that, for a glimpse into your lives and the people you choose to share it with.

Some boast skills with the suit-and-tie knot. Others are more suited for knots of the mountain climbing variety.

*see above. Some find adventure anywhere, any time. Case in point: This is how Jake spent his time waiting to see Joanne for the first time.

The incredible Jessica of The Face Lab did Joanne's make-up and Andy Mendoza styled her hair.

Back to their roots (and her boots) for some outdoor frolicking.

(Note: They do not frolic on a regular basis - despite appearing otherwise well-suited for J. Crew. I say this because they fear the very idea of that or anything that resembles a romantic comedy.)

I never said they didn't know how to have fun!

American Gothic. Scratch that - Canadian Gothic.

European Flower Shop.

Did I mention they will make you laugh? I guess this proves it's never too late to become what you might have been.

the big moment!

The details of their day were amazing - organic and simple. These designs were brought to life by the very-talented Heather Dwight of Calluna Events.
Bird Dog Press hand-crafted the place cards and table numbers. The ceremony & reception took place at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder, CO.

A family full of writers makes for a series of toasts worthy of publishing. Everyone had a go at the mic - even the littlest lady of the family put in her two cents. As a finale to a series of 4 or 5 speeches, Jake toasted Joanne in a laugh-till-you-cry speech. It was probably one of the best speeches I've ever heard in all the weddings I've planned!

Loved their cupcakes by Tee and Cakes - the unique cupcake flags courtesy of the exquisite Alli at Bird Dog Press. Music at the reception was provided by Soul X and lighting by Starkey Productions.

Congrats Joanne & Jake! You truly set the bar high for what it means to live with joy, intensity and spontaneity. Enjoy the surf in Costa Rica, my friends. A big thank you to Colby Brown for joining to shoot with Katie from Jenna Walker Photographers. A huge and special thanks to Katie at Jenna Walker Photographers for letting me "steal" her text for this blog (with minor additions)! Katie had already blogged about the wedding and as I was reading I realized that she said everything I wanted to say about Joanne & Jake's wedding, only better! So she told me I could use her words. Thanks Katie! You're the best! How did you get to be so talented, great writer and great photographer all in one. Such an artist!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vendor Spotlight -- Angie Star

Angie Star Jewelry was founded in 2002 by Colorado native, Angela Olsgard. Her store showcases local artists and handmade jewelry, with a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, recycled metals and ethically sourced materials. Angie Star has also been voted 'best in Boulder,' five years running! Add to this the 100% recycled, ethically sourced line of engagement and wedding rings, and how could Calluna Events not feature Angie Star in the newsletter? We are in love with Angie's answers to this month's Featured Vendor interview!

1. Name of business Angie Star Jewelry

2. Years in business 8 years in business

3. Location 1807 pearl street, on the corner of pearl and 18th, next to Title 9 Sports

4. Most memorable wedding... ooo.... so hard to pick! Each of our brides comes in really excited, since jewelry is one of every one's particular favorites to design! I would have to say that all of our brides have been very special, and have a little part of my heart as a result of designing for them. Perhaps one wedding in particular though, would be professional local athlete, Amanda Lovato. She designed her wedding jewelry with us, and has great personal style, and I think it was covered by the New York times. That was really fun! And Amanda and Micheal are great. I am pretty sure Amanda was my first customer ever.

5. I love it when a Bride and Groom are... I do a lot of recycled sterling and gold wedding bands, and i love it when a bride and groom are excited to design together. they have their different ideas of what they should look like, and then they put their heads together, and come up with these really great original wedding sets that are a little bit of both of them. Each custom wedding set is different, and i love to see what they envision together. Each set is as unique as they are.

6. Favorite part of a wedding...
Being at a wedding? the cake of course! and dancing with my husband. I don't think we do nearly enough dancing these days. when you see the old movies, it seems they were always dancing.

7. Our favorite kind of bride is... we cater to a lot of brides that are environmentally conscious, but also really want their special jewelry to reflect who they are. so we have learned to create sustainable jewelry that still has every imaginable option open. they can be easy on the environment, as well as show off their personal style!.

8. What sets us apart from other jewelers is... we have been creating custom bridal jewelry for 8 years, with an emphasis on creating sustainable meaningful work. You can walk in, talk to a designer, and create something that exists only for you, because you imagined it, and we made it happen. We use traditional jewelry making practices, with a sustainable focus (recycled metals and ethically sourced gems, all locally made), and we have, i must say, learned to do it very well. We have many many happy brides in our wake - and we are proud to say so! Plus, we all just really love it! It is so special! we get really excited.

9. Trends we are seeing for 2010... Jewelry with more meaning, a richer story. We have always done custom pieces, but now we are seeing friends and family pitching in together to get something made for a loved one that has a little bit more time and intention invested in it. Really special pieces, that might be worn everyday, and never taken off. The beginning of family heirlooms. This is very rewarding work, and we feel honored to take on these special projects. this is what makes our work feel really meaningful.

10. One tip for getting rings on a budget is... Before you shop, decide on what your budget is, and stay within that budget. There are so many options, and if you clearly communicate what you can spend. There are ways to make it work, and we are happy to help. The whole experience, I think, should feel really good.

11. Anything else you'd like to add? Thank you for everything!

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