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10 tips for fantastic wedding flowers

10 tips for fantastic wedding flowers from brighter day flowers in boulder, co

1 add fragrance
use a scented flower in your bouquet. years from now when you smell that flower it will bring you back to your fantastic day! here are some scented flowers for wedding bouquets: stephanotis, freesia, stock, wax flower, gardenia, ginestra, phlox, and certain rose varieties. white flowers often have the most scent.

2 bring meaning into your flowers
every flower has a meaning so tell your story with flowers or add your own meaning by using a favorite flower of a relative or special friend. visit THIS website for a complete list of flowers and their meanings:

3 try something different
encourage your florist to make your wedding unique with ideas that are memorable and different. for great ideas look at this book: The Perfect Wedding Details: More than 100 Ideas for Personalizing Your Wedding by Maria McBride-Mellinger

4 consider the time of day for your event
evening or low light weddings are more luminous with white or pale flowers and daytime or outside events pop with color and vibrant combinations.

5 transform any space
great florists are artists and can change any mundane space into something beautiful and stylish. try elevated centerpieces (at least 3 feet off the table) for rooms with high ceilings or designer linens. the magazine "Bride and Bloom" is helpful for stylish looks.

6 do some homework
bring pictures from books or magazines with your own ideas, loves and colors to your meeting with your florist. this will make your desires more clear. take notice of flower types, colors, textures and styles.

7 use seasonal flowers
you will save money, harmonize with the outside environment and the flowers are likely to be fresher, local or even organic.

8 get noticed
one or two large, dramatic flower arrangements will be more memorable than lots of small arrangements. key areas for placing flowers are where there is spot lighting, at entrances and whenever you are wanting to pull attention away from a problem or unattractive area.

9 think beyond flowers
a good florist will also decorate using fabric, lighting, candles, fruit, seasonal branches or even trees. for example: use a tree to hang the place cards or create a "lounge" area with rented furniture.

10 share the happiness
after your wedding, give your centerpieces away to special people at your wedding or arrange to give them to a charity or nursing home. this may be tax deductible.

brighter day floral design [formerly petal pushers flowers] makes brides happy and will create a highly memorable day. we do this by using simple, innovative designs, the freshest, extra long-lasting flowers, stylish vases and great enthusiasm. owner lynn cunningham has been a florist for 16 years and has done hundreds of weddings in aspen, boulder and the denver area. we are the florist for the St Julien Hotel and Spa and the Omni Interlocken Resort and Spa. call today for a free consultation!

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  1. All those are wonderful tips for selecting elegant wedding flowers... Thanks for sharing!!

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  3. Interesting! I enjoyed reading your post. It makes a lot of sense. I will try to make something like that this weekend. Thanks for guiding me through this. Keep posting.